Monday, 2 January 2012

2012 – Feed Me!

Instead of resolutions I’m more for aspirations. Resolutions don’t sound a lot of fun and nearly always seem to involve a basket full of low fat, cardboard tasting food and an overpriced and underused gym membership. Then comes the inevitable - it’s only the 5th of January and I’ve already failed – berating. Aspirations on the other hand are joyful, full flavour life adventures, no berating necessary.
There is so little in life that can really be controlled (never more so than in 2012 for me!) so I decided that the best thing for it was to think achievable (and so small!) and frequent (keep the good times coming!) when it came to my new year’s aspirations. This also comes from the realisation that it’s the small things that really make a difference. Like watching the pennies to save the pounds, making lots of good little moments makes up to one happy whole. Or at least that is the theory!
When I sat down to think about the things I would like to do this year I realised that many of them were food related. This isn’t just because I’m a huge glutton (!) but also because food is the thing that soothes me, has been the catalyst for many fun evenings with family and friends and allows me to get creative. Whether it is growing the food that ends up in my kitchen or hand crafting some gorgeous cakes I find the whole process brings me a great deal of happiness.
On Christmas day I made my first essential purchase for my 2012 aspirations, this brilliant Fondue set from Cath Kidston. So my first culinary adventure of 2012 is going to be a fondue evening (chocolate of course) with one of my best mates and a magical mystery tour of David Tennant’s Dr Who Best Bits. Bliss.

My other food aspirations so far are:
To make the perfect white chocolate martini
This is a doubly exciting resolution as it involved not just making and drinking said martinis but also the purchasing of new super swish martini glasses. When I was compiling my wedding gift list martini glasses were vetoed by my husband who claimed we would never use them as I already had two sets of wine glasses and champagne flutes on the list. I said ‘A girl needs options’. He said ‘Not that many’.  Four years in and I feel happily vindicated that not only do I still see a martini shaped hole in our lives but that four years has also softened him up enough that he didn’t even blink when I announced that ‘2012 is the year of the white chocolate martini’ and started googling for glasses. Got to love marriage.
Spend a day creating très bon French patisserie!
Saturday afternoon, puff pastry, a piping bag of cream, a pot of tea and a feasting on my creations. Enough said.
Create the perfect fruit cake
I’m currently reading the latest Number One Ladies Detective Agency novel by Alexander McCall Smith which always makes me want to go to Africa, sit on a veranda and watch the world go by and bake a good fruit cake (in that order!). The Africa part is coming in July and January isn’t exactly veranda weather so a fruit cake and watching the world go by it is!
I’m sure there will be more where that came from but it should be enough to keep me busy for now. So what about you, any creative aspirations (or any aspirations for that matter?) in the pipeline for 2012?

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