Tuesday, 28 June 2011


The whole idea of dieting has always horrified me because I love food so much. It's not even fatty food that I hanker after it's ALL food of many varieties. I couldn't bring myself to become one of these people who stands in the supermarket isle staring at the back of packets of health food to see if they can eat it. A dusty cracker is not food. This combined with the fact that most diets seem to make ludicrous suggestions like 'have a salad or some soup for dinner' means that I have never dared take one on. I have, however, began to discover that each number on your age can easily correlate with an extra inch on the waistline. A worrying trend indeed.

So imagine my surprise and delight on reading an article in Zest on grazing. When I say grazing I don't mean standing in a field chewing on grass with some black and white, horned buddies. I mean snacking on healthy treats in between meals. This doesn't have to mean an aforementioned dusty cracker as I discovered when I came across http://www.graze.com/. Here you get all sorts of yummy treats with lots of good heart boosting properties and stuffed with vitamins and all delivered to your door or work place. Today I have been tucking into Vanilla Seeds and they are absolutely delicious. Even better I have managed to avoid the triple chocolate chip cookies that are in my kitchen cupboard.

The theory with grazing is that by eating every few hours when you are hungry you avoid reaching the ravenous state before meals that drives you to eat enormous portions of whatever it is you have whipped up (or worse picked up on the way home!) It also regulates your blood sugar and keeps you fuelled up with energy. You are also more likely to get all the nutrients your body needs if you eat a greater variety of foods throughout the day. This is what really does it for me, a diet that means you get to eat more things! Perfect!

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